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Hetfield has been a major endorser of ESP Guitars since the 1980s, and is best known for playing custom-made Explorer-style guitars with an EMG 81/EMG 60 set for pickups.

James' ESP Explorers all based upon the standard ESP EXP series and were built or overseen by Matt Masciandaro. Meanwhile the EXP series has been replaced by the ESP EX standard series which has a sharp shape for its ends and headstock instead of the old EXP series which was comparable to the rounded shape of the Gibson Explorers.

The body consists of mahogany, the neck of maple and the fingerboard of rosewood. All hardware (the tune-o-matic bridge, the stop piece and tuners) is black. It has one volume control for each pickup.
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The Spec of this ESP MX-250

Body Wood ---- Mahogany
Neck Wood ---- Mahogany
Construction ---- Set-in
Fingerboard ---- Ebony
Inlays ---- Many Inlay Options
Scale Length ---- 24.75" (628mm)
Frets ---- 22
Pickups ---- 2 Humbuckers
Controls ---- 1 Volume 1 Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch
Bridge ---- T-O-M and Stop Tailpiece
Finish ---- Optional
Hardware ---- Black Hardware

For example here are some details of our MX-250
Perfectly matched two-piece solid Mahogany neck and body, our replicated James Metallica MX-250 Explorer Guitar has set neck construction, which accords with the original one. You will feel the difference in your rib cage when you sit down and play this unplugged.

Our replicated MX250 guitars have different with black finish.

These are real pearl inlays, not those stickers, Please don't take our exquisite products compared with the low grade of products.
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Customized Order requests:

Fully customizing your guitar to every detail part, if you have any specific requirements, such as wood, finish, bridge, pick-up structure, frets, string numbers, etc. or you want to order the guitar according to your personalized requirements, then please fell free to contact us at any time, we will do everything to meet your requirements at the largest extent. Also if you looking for other double neck guitars with similar body shape, you can always contact us. Please let us know all your requests when you place the order, we will fulfill your every wish and desire.


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